Kim quietly has saved thousands upon thousands of abandoned pets in our state. Her dedication to her work in the face of incredible ignorance/apathy in Maricopa County is so inspiring.

Craig's piece here is just wonderful, both in highlighting Kim's resolve and talent and illustrating the terrible situation our AZ shelters are in right now.

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Nothing beats hockey and dogs, am I right? The wife and I have a couple of used dogs from the AZ Small Dog Rescue, and we will be lifers on that front. I joke and call them used cause I don't feel I rescued them. Like Bill Burr once famously said in his standup "Did you pull her out of a burning building?” “Did you jump in a river with your wing tips still on with no concern for your own safety, or did you just go down to the pound and get a free dog, you cheap fuck?”

Happy Intl Dog Day to all the rescuers and bargin shoppers!

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I can only remember having one dog in my life, it was around 1961, he was black and my ole man named him “ Carpenter “ because he kept doing odd jobs around the house. True story.

Seriously though, I think the fate of these poor ole dogs have improved over the years in this country anyway. I can remember back in the day, strays everywhere, the playground always had their strays, training runs it was just expected that one would come out at you, every morning it seems then that problem literally disappeared!

Other countries aren’t so lucky, I feel sorry for any long distance runner living in Russia. Packs of wild dogs everywhere. I read an article on that once.

I think David Backes and Derek Stepan brought back stray dogs from Russia.. That story was a really great read about those hockey players doing that.

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Adopt a dog is always my go to. I have had several dogs throughout my life and all of them have come from shelters or a bad situation. These dogs take a bit to learn they can be loved but once they do they are the best dogs. I personally prefer to adopt grey beards (older dogs) as I don’t like puppy training. I proudly say that I have loved 8 dogs and have never named a single one. Great interview with a hero!

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