How did you train on a daily basis? In hockey I presume you met up with other athletes on those hot summer days and did make up games? Drills? Was it organized? I can remember I just learned to play baseball by playing home run derby with two other guys every day, day after day. Grand Valley State must be a great athletic school. They have an awesome reputation in track and XC too.

And most of all thanks for what you do in your profession. I was talking to my dad from a phone booth at Holloman AFB NM in 1974 and he talked me into sending part of my E-1 pay to some guy back home named Ed Jones.

I thought for a long time that it was a real guy.

Best advise I ever got. Any person making 10 bucks an hour can make enough to retire if they practice self denial, self control, hard work and discipline. And you can show them how. Of course a person may not get to attend their first pro hockey game until they are 57 years old. Keep up the good work.

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