An update for my AZ Coyotes Insider subscribers: My Twitter account was hacked, this site was not

I am working with Twitter support to resolve the problem

Hi everyone: I wanted to let you know that during the third period of the Coyotes’ 1-0 win against the St. Louis Blues on Monday, Twitter support notified me that there had been an unauthorized login to my account. At some point, the language on my account changed to Turkish and the account was shut down. I am currently working with Twitter support to remedy the problem.

This may become an amusing anecdote for a future mailbag. I have always wanted to visit Istanbul. At the moment, I am not amused. It is a frustrating and laborious process to get an account restored because I am not afforded the ability to speak to someone by phone and Twitter’s online support is less than forthcoming with information.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out with support and potential remedies. Trust me, I have done everything possible on my end. I just have to wait for Twitter support to do its part.

I will tweet periodically from my podcast (with Luke Lapinski) account @thenattiehattie if you want to follow along there. Hopefully, I can get my account restored soon. In the meantime, rest assured that the content from will not be interrupted.

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